Top 10 Habits of a Successful Business Owner


Not everyone knows that I have 17 years of experience in advertising and at the tender age of 26 years sat on the Board of Directors of one of the biggest ad agencies at the time – George Patterson Bates. I burned out pretty badly in that career which is the reason why many of my clients hear me banging on about the ultimate “Yin & Yang” balance. I had wayyy too much Yang (that’s the hard and warrior-like, logical, masculine energy) in my Advertising career which led me (isn’t the universe divine!) to study and master meditation and healing work – the Yin. Now, after working with energy healing for 9 years I feel incredibly lucky to have a mix of business skills and a deep understanding of people and their ability to transform. I have been expanding the Rezinate practice to offer something very close to my heart- coaching small business owners to learn the art of Yin & Yang in business and thus helping business people to evolve and succeed.

The Yin is about making intuitive heart-led business decisions that must be balanced and underpinned by the Yang- strong and intelligent business actions. My first contribution to those entrepreneurs out there is the Debbie Pask “Top 10 Habits of a Successful Business Owner” so here they are:

  1. UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YIN & YANG Yin is intuition -decisions from the heart that should drive you. Yang is logical – putting a solid plan into place with those business decisions already decided by the heart. Don’t let Yang dominate decisions as the road ahead is hard…

  2. WHEN IT'S EASY IT'S RIGHT! If your work becomes really hard and roadblocks constantly appear, use your instinct and make some changes. The universe is trying to steer you elsewhere.

  3. CONTRACTS MEAN NOTHING. The most water-tight contract is useless and will just frustrate both parties. Trust the person you are getting into business with. If there’s no trust- there is no real contract. Any business partners or connections must vibrate at the same level of ethics that you do.

  4. YOU NEED A SOUNDING BOARD. EVERY business owner needs a mentor of sorts whether it is paid or not. Seek out a wise person in your industry or someone with wisdom you trust. It’s great to feel supported and two minds are double the intuition.

  5. ALIGN WITH SOMEON WHO CAN GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO GO FOR IT! Many business people I know never get told to JUST DO IT (sorry Nike I stole the line). Get a sassy friend or colleague to push you a bit when you most need it.

  6. NEVER EVER JUST DO SOMETHING BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY. You must be aligned with the idea on a spiritual and personal level for it to really be abundant.

  7. DO SOMETHING 'NAUGHTY' AND FUN EVERY WEEK in your business working hours. I often break for x1 hour and go get a foot massage. It makes me feel like I am “skipping school” and that inner child in you will be totally recharged. You spring back with more energy that way.

  8. YIN & YANG AGAIN. I cannot help myself:-) Businesses go into seasonal cycles sometimes weekly or monthly. You need to accept these down cycles and when the business is quiet – it’s the universe’s way of saying to reflect more and do strategic planning work. If you try and force yourself to stay “up” or Yang (busy actions) when you should be Yin - you will hit a wall. Go with the flow and don’t worry so much.

  9. CONFLICTS AND CHALLENGES COME ABOUT TO TEACH YOU SOMETHING. Look for the lesson and integrate the gift (yes there is always a gift) or else the universe will send the lesson back to you again – with double the intensity. Ouch! Oh – and let yourself or the other party “off the hook” or you will be connected to that negative energy and it will drain you. Much better to find compassion and not hold on.

  10. AFFILIATIONS, NETWORKS AND PEOPLE are your KEY sales tool. Marketing, in general, is useful but true abundance comes from others. If you do nothing else in your business to make sales, just get out and connect with people.

Tell them what you do and be clear about it. I had a business advisor tell me once that people need to know your (train) “station”. When you pull into Sydney Central Station or North Sydney station you know exactly why you are getting off there. When someone pulls into your station- do they know what they are getting? Be clear so there is no confusion when someone talks about what you deliver in business.


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