Learn How to Release and Embrace the Power of Your Spirit

by James Pask

Learning to let go and get into flow is the theme of 2012. Learning not to be attached to things, people or outcomes and to radiate love and compassion and move away from fear. Please read the below for a bit of background about my thoughts on 2012 and how difficult shifts in humanity can create opportunities for incredible growth.

A lot has been said about 2012. In my own research and learning I have come across many theories, beliefs and prophecies which I am sure you have heard about. Mayan calendar endings, Alien invasions to meteor strikes, collisions with planet X or Nibiru, melting ice caps, solar flares to Polar shifts have been talked about for the year ahead. One theory is that Mother Earth herself is ascending and will turn into a being of light and those of us that are ready will ascend alongside her into a place of love and light (intuitively guided to dimensional doorways throughout nature). Those of us who still need to learn more from this dense physical & material plane will stay on a “planet-like” earth to experience and keep learning lessons in this type of dimensional space and time. The aboriginals (the oldest race on the planet) speak of the convergence, a 144,000 year cycle that is about to end on March 31st, 2013 and that if you are still needing to experience the physical plane – you will re-enter another 144,000 years of reincarnating on Earth to learn more lessons while others may move on to the next part of their journey to a lighter vibrational place. Elders from many ancient cultures on the planet and many of the world’s religious texts talk about great change or end of days around this time. There are also many people channelling messages of change and upheaval, from planetary chaos and ascension, to a beautiful reality of love and light where the “lion and the lamb” can lay together in peace and harmony. Astrologers can also point to a year of great change in financial systems, commerce and the very way we live our daily lives and even a big secret that has been kept from the public being revealed this year (could it be that we are not alone in the universe and that governments have been in contact with extraterrestrial life for some time?). It makes you wander about those crop circles and pyramids doesn’t it! Astrologers point to this being the kind of change that 2012 represents.

A change that happens only rarely in the history of our planet, but one that completely changes the way we see the world. One thing for sure is that we should all prepare to step up to a new level of consciousness about who we are and how we affect the world and energy around us. Like many others I feel a massive change is coming and we can see evidence in the world telling us we are certainly heading towards something really big, it’s the 11th hour and “turning our lights out for an hour once a year” or not using plastic bags for your shopping just isn’t going to cut it. BIG, massive action and change is needed to knock us out of our complacency and small thinking that we cannot make a difference.

Our current way of living is not sustainable. Scientists have worked out that we are currently using 150 % of the Earth’s resources to sustain our economy and that 18 out of the top 25 industries in the world are simply not sustainable. That is not even taking into account the coming growth and westernisation of countries like China and India. What about Peak Oil and the ramifications of this in the west? Knowing that almost 70% of the world is in poverty, while enough fruit falls to the ground and rots in the US alone each year to feed the world’s hungry, you really start to see that something is wrong, very wrong. No matter how many charity aid concerts or kids we sponsor – the shift needed seems to always elude humanity. I mean how lucky are we to be able to read this article and have time to contemplate such matters while some are just trying not to starve to death. More and more man-made chemicals and pollution (this includes mental and emotional pollution such as fear and negative thinking) are making their way into our bodies and our Earth Mother with disastrous consequences and the politics, modern medicine, and science of today don’t have the answers. Are we doing “too little too late” to stop the perilous descent of our inner and outer ecosystems? What does all this mean I hear you ask? Well, the current way we are living needs to go through a death and re-birth. You hear the Mayan calendar talking about the end of a cycle – this could be likened to a cycle of the Medicine Wheel; that we are coming into the West, to look at our shadow (deal with what’s wrong or not working) for healing & nurture – enabling us to move into the South of the Medicine Wheel to assimilate the lessons of the past. So we can then come full circle to start again in the East (which represents new beginnings). As we face our shadow (with death and re-birth) things may get a little chaotic for a while. This renewal will bring about new and better ways of being, living and existing. I feel extremely grateful for these changes and shifts; for it is only in the face of adversity that we can change and realize our true power, the power of our spirit and of unconditional love. We will prevail and shift into such a wonderful, harmonious and sustainable way of living in tune with nature and have love and respect for all life in the universe. Aristotle and other great minds of the ancient past used to talk of and prophesize about a new holy land in the south that would one day lead the way forward as man kind shifted into a more conscious awareness. What’s really interesting is that Australia, before it was named “Australia” was known as New Holland (new holy land) so it looks like we are fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Australia continues to enjoy a fortunate position. Learning to let go and get into flow is the theme of 2012.

Learning not to be attached to things, people or outcomes and to radiate love and compassion and move away from fear.


  • Spend more time in nature and with loving family and friends. Connection and conscious interaction are very precious.

  • Consume more high-vibrational foods. Consider the food and thoughts you are putting in your body and the consciousness around it. The cleaner the food and thoughts, the clearer you become.

  • Clean up the clutter in your body, mind, emotions, spirit and outer world as well. Thought forms are very important and affect our everyday life. We create our reality with thought-forms. If we think negative thoughts of others – this is what we attract to us. If we think positive thoughts – we attract positive people and events. So be aware of your thoughts and eliminate the unnecessary negative or judgmental ones. Move away from fear and into love.

  • View your life as if you were your own life coach. Take time to deal with your baggage and attempt to lighten the load. Engage the people and resources you need to help you do this.

  • Deepen your commitment to spiritual practice (even if it’s just a few minutes a week). Being centered and calm is vital to your life force energy.

  • Drink plenty of freshwater. Our bodies are largely water and ensuring it is clean and pure (not tap water with fluoride) is critical for your physical and emotional health.

  • Try and stay in a space of love and compassion no matter what is going on around you. Remember also that your spirit is eternal and has been with you through all your past lives and will be in all your future ones as well. You chose to be here on earth at this time of great change and our job is to try and remember that and get in touch with our Spirit and Life Purpose.

Remember, at any given moment we are making decisions. Each decision is based on LOVE or FEAR. Choose love; follow your intuition, your passion, and go with the Flow.

  • Discover your life purpose and follow your dreams. If you could create the world of your dreams what would that look like, how would you think, feel and act if this was your reality? Would love, compassion and peace be the order of the day? Would you be the exceptional being you have always dreamt of being?

  • Be Exceptional My personal view is that this is our time to shine to awaken to who we really are and to reconnect with our spirit and the unseen energies all around us.

To overcome and break out of the fear based material and very physical reality that living on planet earth has been for the last few thousand years.

To realize that we all are supermen and superwomen who have been sent to earth at this time to evolve with Mother Earth. There is a saying “the truth will set you free” and I think that certain truths will be revealed this year to help us realize that we are not small and insignificant beings alone in this massive universe and that we all are amazing, strong, and capable of more than what we have been lead to believe. What we think, do, and say really does matter and can and will make a difference.

Be exceptional, now! Be exceptional in everything you do and say.

Let the changes unfold as they are meant to. I don’t think humanity has been around for this long to be wiped out; on the contrary, I think we are about to take a quantum leap into our next level of consciousness and awareness that will bring in a dimension of your creation individually and of our creation collectively. To create a better reality for all, maybe even one where we have abilities that would seem unreal in this dimension…telepathy, psychic abilities, healing, telekinesis, defying gravity?………bring it on !!!! No one really knows what the future holds, maybe it’s being created each and every day by the thoughts and feelings we put out to the universe and it is undecided yet.  

2012 is decidedly bigger and way worth pondering than the Y2K Hysteria of the year 2000. Computers had only been around for a few decades whereas this is something that has been talked about, written, and prophesized about by some very smart, connected, spiritual groups of people for many thousands of years.

Only you know what is right for you. Thanks for being alive and on this journey with us all on Mother Earth at this very exciting time of our evolution.


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