Numerology: How to Set Up 2021 for the Best Year


Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021

People often ask us what is the most effective (spiritual) way to start off a new year. This is a great question, as each new year brings a different energy – numerologically and metaphysically, but also in a cultural sense too.

After all, the entire world celebrates the new year in and as a collective we are programmed to see each year as a new start. School kids go up a grade.

University peeps go further into their degrees and entrepreneurs are looking to reinvent themselves to up level their performance.

So, let’s talk about the NUMEROLOGY of 2021 first – followed by some deep personal questions to set the tone of your new year.

2020 was a numerology 4.

That means building the foundations in your life or a stable platform to operate from. Technically it’s the architect number. Think well-made bridges and sturdy desks.  

However, the curve balls sent in 2020 were actually giving us a greater chance to find stability. It wasn’t external stability. It forced us to find INNER stability.

A new way of being at point zero and coping with life changing around us and having no real control. If you cultivated a rich inner life in 2020, you mastered the numerology 4 year. No matter what happens, I am okay.

In 2021 – the numerology is a 5 year.

5 stands for communication, expression, change and all forms of travel. So, to really embrace the year ahead, you could ask yourself these questions…

1. How can you express more of your authentic message into the world? To be more fearless with your voice?

2. How can you make changes to move closer to your purpose and to change the things that aren’t serving you anymore?

3. How can you speak your truth to friends, lovers, family, work colleagues and more in a way that empowers you and still shows kindness and care?

4. What travels and adventures do you need to feed you this year to assist with your evolution?

With each new year, many of us make resolutions. New years resolutions.

Well, to make a resolution is NOT like a future goal. A resolution says you will RESOLVE something which means it happens in that split second you resolve it. If you resolve not to smoke anymore, guess what. From that split second onwards, smoking is out of the question if you are serious. If you resolve not to put up with bad behaviour from a lover any longer, then you had better have that end conversation and move on.

Resolutions are powerful intentions. If you speak them and then don’t act – they stop believing in you and their power diminishes.

Hold true to your deepest intentions and resolutions and show up to honour them. After all, if you cannot honour yourself – who will honour you?

So, ask yourself today – what RESOLUTIONS will I make this year that I will honour 100%? Yeah, they will be uncomfortable.

Big change always is.

Hope 2021 is brilliant for you!

Debbie & James

debbie and james pask


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