The Numerology of 2016


In terms of numerology, what does 2016 mean for us?

Numerology tells us what the essence or meaning is behind numbers. In our birth year (for example 1970) it relates to the types of experiences we will attract throughout our life. In the case of someone born in 1970, the number equates to an 8 which means they will often attract experiences that relate to this number. 8 stands for power, authority, leadership, money, and responsibility. This may mean they easily fall into these positions (judges, police, CEO, finance industry, etc.), or it could also mean they have conflict or run in's with this type of person. Maybe they attract partners who are in the police force or so forth. Considering we have just hit 2016, what types of experiences will this year bring for us. Well, 2016 adds up to be a 9.

What does 9 mean? 
9 stands for completion and unconditional support or love. It is idealism, compassion, giving, and releasing energy. What is coming to its full closure in your life? What are you releasing so you can start new? How are you showing compassion and love to those around you and yourself? Have you planted some seeds and waiting for a project to pay off? The 9 cycle indicates the full completion - which may mean that your project finalises successfully or that it gets a new start next year. This really is a year of completion and coming back to stillness and rest - ready for a total revive.

Here are some personal questions to consider:

  1. Where can you be more caring and compassionate in your relationships and more so - kinder to yourself?
  2. What actions can you take to release something or finalise something in your life that needs to come to a close?
  3. Are you being too idealistic about your plans - or perhaps not dreamy enough? Can you think bigger and better?
  4. What old habits need to go this year to make way for new energy?
  5. Where in your life are you facing big challenges and what do you need to do about them?

Be careful of not falling into the negative aspect of the 9; sacrificing, sentimental, possessive, intolerant or too hard on self or others. But mostly, enjoy the wonderful love energy of 2016; spread it around and show kindness to yourself, your loved ones, and the earth mother.



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