Animal totems hold more significance than just being a cute new-age tool to play with. They are in fact the most ancient form of archetypes that indigenous cultures have used for thousands of years as their ‘medicine’, or way to walk their path. What do we mean by medicine? 

Your animal totem represents your personal medicine needs, that by which taking in and embodying the qualities and behaviours of the animal, you are healing within and thriving on the outside in the world. 

Whilst you may connect and work with many animal archetypes over the course of your life to cope with specifically challenging situations, there is ONE animal totem that stays connected with you for a lifetime. I have rarely seen a medicine animal totem change for a person, although it has occurred before.

This animal that stays with you for life is called your personal medicine.

Once you clarify  your animal, you can decipher how best to embody the qualities and habits of that animal to best access your personal healing, power, identity and tools to thrive. James Pask’s Medicine animal is a WOLF, so let’s take a brief look at what that means.

The wolf totem is all about teaching wisdom. James very much has taken this life path. The wolf will be independent and go out alone to learn, but will always come back to the pack and teach the wisdom. James has spent his life going alone (often against the mainstream world) to learn knowledge and then distills that into teaching spiritual courses.


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James Pask

The wolf has a keen nose and sense of smell, so does James. The wolf feels and senses things in the body as intuitive radar. James is most successful and can be psychically clear when he tunes into these senses and is naturally a more kinaesthetic (feelings oriented) person – that is feels energy more than sees it.

James has been most successful when embodying these qualities in life and work. So too can you be once you get a feeling of what your medicine animal is. It can be quite relieving and extra-ordinarily satisfying when you connect into your animal and start emanating those natural traits.

What does a session involve?

  • James Pask will tune in and connect to your animal totem before your skype/phone session. Once that is done, James will collect the information on your animal and prepare any notes required.

  • You will be provided with further reading to do if you wish and where to find out more information

  • Your 50-minute session will involve discussion of your animal totem, how to work with your animal and the overall qualities to embody.

  • You will be emailed an audio file meditation to practice to connect into your totem animal.



Debbie will run a 50-minute session with you to achieve the following:

  • Review your key life areas and look at where you need to embody more of your animal medicine to create positive changes
  • Create an action plan that will implement real world strategies of how you can utilise your animal medicine for these life aspects and how to measure the effectiveness
  • Prepare specific experiential journeys for you to practice getting more in touch with your totem animal

Following on from that, you have the option of having a 2nd follow - up session with Debbie Pask to apply the animal medicine to all aspects of your life. 

Whilst you may connect and work with many animal archetypes over the course of your life to cope with specifically challenging situations, there is ONE animal totem that stays connected with you for a lifetime.

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Hi Debbie, i just wanted to thank you for the support you have given me on my long journey to add to my family. I came to you broken, after 3 1/2 painful years of trying to conceive a second child. I had all but given up. We had tried 5 rounds of unsuccessful IVF and had 3 heart wrenching miscarriages. A friend recommended I come and see you. I was highly skeptical having never had Reiki before but reaching desperation and willing to try anything I booked an appointment. Meeting you was the turning point in my life. I“ll never forget after our first session you looked me in the eyes and told me to stop trying IVF it wouldn’t work for me…I was devastated, I thought I would never have another baby – then as my tears started to roll you told me I would fall pregnant with a boy in a few months then quite quickly after that I would fall pregnant with a little girl. I left confused but optimistic, I so wanted to believe my dream would come true. 2 months later I fell pregnant with a little boy and as you know we just gave birth to our gorgeous little girl (2 children under 17 months)…you were right. You have become an integral part of my life and the lives of so many of my friends who I have sent to you, all of whom sing your praises. I am forever indebted to you for your wisdom and your gift of healing, my life is so much better for having you in it.”

    Sydney, 2011

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “My sessions with James have supported me to gain clarity and subsequently, confidence in my life journey. Things have definitely changed since my very first session. I no longer feel the burden of a traumatic time I have been carrying for seven years. It's just disappeared. It is literally no longer an issue for me. Quite extraordinary.

    Very grateful to James.”

    Creative Director