Animal & Pet Clearing

Restore Your Pet’s Zest for Life with an Animal Clearing Session Today! 

Clear away negative echoes and rejuvenate your best friend by healing negative energy!

Give your beloved pet the gift of animal healing using Holographic Kinetics

Animal and Pet Clearing Sessions are conducted via Zoom (online), In-Person (Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia), or via Surrogate. You can heal your furry (or scaly or feathered) friend no matter where you are in the world.

James Pask

I am James Pask, and I have been working in the Healing industry for a long time, perfecting my art. I have an absolute love and respect for all animals and nature and would love the opportunity to use my skills as a healer and coach to help heal your animal, whether it’s from a behavioural, physical, or emotional trauma.

One of the main healing modalities I use is called Holographic Kinetics, which is based on indigenous wisdom combined with modern day practices. Holographic Kinetics has the ability to surrogate directly the Spirit of any living being – human, animal, plant, etc. – into another person and communicate with them through that vehicle. This is super helpful considering our animals cannot communicate with the English language! So, when I do Animal Healing, I can really utilize this skill!


Does your Animal or Pet look off colour?

Is your Animal or Pet reluctant to do the things that previously brought great joy?

Does your Animal or Pet have an unexplained injury or illness?

They might need care and attention from an expert in animal clearing in order to heal.

James Pask’s passion for animals has led to a special interest – and specialised skills – in animal clearing and healing. He can assist your beloved pet with the following:

✓ Emotional distress, disturbance, and negative energy, especially if that animal has been rescued or been with someone else. Note: the relationship with someone else could have been positive with great energy, but the removal could have been traumatic, for example, the guardian passed away, leaving the animal with feelings of abandonment that need to be cleared.

✓ Physical issues such as diseases, pain, respiratory problems, and more.

✓ Visible signs of stressed behaviour such as over licking, chasing tails, hair loss, mood swings, not eating, and more.

✓ Clearing of a recent or past trauma or accident that your pet might have experienced.

✓ Healing from the negative effects of drugs, harmful chemicals, and other treatments.



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*An Animal Healing Holographic Kinetics Distance Session requires two practitioners, one as a surrogate.

Note: animal clearing is different from animal medicine. Contact James if you want to find out how animal medicine can help you as a person.

  • Rezinate

    “Hathor is doing really good! Her cough started to diminish since the first day of the session, she cough less and less as days pass, and yesterday was the first day without a cough. She seems happier and much more playful, she reminds me now the way she used to be in her early years of life. She is not eating as much, just the right amount.”

  • Rezinate

    “I contacted James for a healing session on my dog, Kimba, as she was licking her back legs to the point where all the fur was gone and it was down to raw skin. We had her to the vet and tried creams, and were also told to place the cone on her head to prevent her from licking the area, but after having the cone on for 2 weeks, at a time over several weeks, Kimba would start licking again as soon as the cone was removed. I had a feeling that there was something else going on that may have been energetic in nature. James did the session via distance, as I am in Melbourne and he is in Coffs Harbour. James did this via what he described to me as a surrogate healing. What came up in the session was that Kimba had taken on a negative energy from our neighborhood whilst trying to protect myself and my daughter from harm. It was literally insider her and she was trying to get it out and the only way she knew how licking etc. James removed this energy from Kimba and she has stopped licking. Kimba is much happier, and slowly returning to her old self, her wounds are healing and her fur is growing back. Thank you for saving our dog, Kimba!”


During the pet clearing session, James will surrogate your animal into a person (a third party) using Holographic Kinetics. Holographic Kinetics is one of the technique’s that tap into healing energy to clearly communicate and establish the healing needed to remove any issues or trauma along your pet’s timeline. In this way, James can use his expertise as a spiritual coach and his skills in healing energy to restore your pet’s emotional and physical health and well-being.

Your animals and pets can be assisted using this unique healing modality to resolve behavioural and physical challenges. These could result from a recent trauma or event, or an old habit that you need to help your animal resolve. You can also use this energy healing technique to work on your animal when they are sick or have a physical ailment.

The pet clearing session is conducted similarly to how a child would be treated, in that your animals’ spirit (with you as their guardian giving permission) is surrogated into a third party. This allows James to look at the root cause of the issue and help remove it from their timeline. You are creating a better future by correcting the past!


You may not know what is bringing your animal friend down, but James can pinpoint the troubling issue exactly (whether it has to do with their current life, past life, or is related to ancestral events) and use animal clearing and healing energy to set them free.

James’ success with healing animals has won over the most sceptical of sceptics, so why not book a pet clearing session today and give them a shot at a happy and contented life?